HPR 205 Week 1 Laboratory Assignment Evaluating Homeostasis Scientific Method. Due by Day 7. Prior to working on the lab exercise, watch the How to Formulate a Hypothesis video.   To view the lab exercises, log into the eScience Labs student portal. Register your account using the code sent to you by the bookstore. Keep your login and password information as you will use the portal again in each of the upcoming weeks.   By completing the Week One lab exercise, you will learn how to look at data using the scientific method. This includes scientific observation, variables, controls, and errors, methods of collecting data, data analysis, calculations, scientific reasoning, and writing a lab report. In the exercise, you are asked to partner with another person, who is capable of doing physical exercise for one minute. A resting heart rate and post-exercise heart rate will be taken and recorded. Use the heart rate information to complete the Respiratory and Heart Rate Table. You will create a hypothesis to predict what the physiological response is to exercise and how this helps the body maintain homeostasis. Finally, answer lab questions that address the different elements of the scientific method.   You will complete your answers on the Lab Report form linked in the Week One lab exercise area on the eScience Lab portal. Please open the form, click on File, choose Save As, and save to a folder where you can find the form later, add your answers, and Save again. Finally, you will attach and submit the form to Waypoint in the Week One Laboratory in the Ashford University classroom. Please note: the document must be attached and submitted to Waypoint. Assignments that are copied and pasted into the comment box or emailed to the instructor will not be accepted and will receive a zero score.   Your assignment must be formatted according to APA guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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