HPR 205 Week 3Laboratory AssignmentReflexes Nervous System: Special Senses. Due by Day 7. Log into eScience Labs to review the nervous system via animations and pre-lab readings for the exercise. The animations will address the anatomy of the ear, the sense of hearing, the sense of sight, the sense of smell, the sense of taste, reflex arc, and the 12 cranial nerves. The pre-lab readings will reinforce the different segments of the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system, the type of receptors that allow for the sense of touch and pain, and the anatomy and physiology of the remaining special sense organs.   During the lab exercise, you will learn about the pupillary light reflex is and possible dysfunctions seen via this reflex. This exercise enables you to see a reflex arc in action and to describe the steps of this function of the body. Further, you will learn how the cranial nerves function by testing the cranial nerves with a partner. Finally, you will perform an exercise in which you will experience how touch, temperature, and pain are differentiated.   You will complete your answers on the Lab Report form linked in the Week Three lab exercise area on the eScience Lab portal. Open the form, click on File, choose Save As and save to a folder where you can find the form later. Enter your answers, and Save again. Attach and submit the form to the Week Three Laboratory Dropbox in the Ashford University classroom. Please note: The document must be attached and submitted to the Dropbox. Assignments that are copied and pasted into the comment box or emailed to the instructor will not be accepted and will receive a zero score.

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