HPR 205 Week 5 Final Project Power Point Presentation   PowerPoint Presentation. Due by Day 7. In your role as a health care professional, you have been asked to speak to a community group regarding the connection between the human body and disease. You have been asked to select one of the CDC’s top five diseases (heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, or arthritis) that affects the systems explored in the class (see table below) and create a PowerPoint presentation that:   Uses lay-person and medical terminology to describe the anatomical and physiological changes associated with the condition. Describes proper functioning of the primary system(s) that is/are affected by the chronic disease you select:  o Major organ(s) o Essential functions o Importance to health Evaluates the dysfunction as a result of your chosen disease and describes the following: o Contributing factors  o The nature of the dysfunction o The effect on other systems(comorbidities)   Evaluates at least one genetic factor and at least two lifestyle factors that contribute to the onset of the disease. Analyzes at least two preventive actions people can take to reduce their risk of getting the disease. Analyzes at least two environmental elements that contribute to the onset and progression of the disease.  Examples include: air quality, chemicals in products regularly used and/or consumed, food quality, consumption of soda and caffeine, petroleum-based chemicals used on and in food, genetically modified foods, impact of plastic, tobacco use and/or second-hand smoke, UV light exposure, environmental carcinogens, etcetera. Analyze ways in which the treatment of the disease can negatively impact the environment. Examples include: medical and household waste, recycling challenges, radiation, and production of electricity, water usage, paper usage, air pollution, and etcetera.  Systems covered in class: Skeletal Muscle Integumentary Nervous Special Senses Endocrine Cardiovascular Respiratory Reproductive Lymph/immune Urinary Gastrointestinal Please note: You must create original work for this assignment. Submitting previously used material is unacceptable.

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