This Tutorial contains 2 Papers     Design a no more than 5 page total compensation plan for an imaginary competitor of Google, Walmart, General Motors, UPS, or Merck. Your plan should address the following details: · �    How your plan supports key objectives · �    An evaluation of current trends and issues in total compensation and a prediction of future trends · �    Internal and external equity · �    A wage management process and rationale · �    A retirement plan and how participation will be driven · �    The influence of the organization’s financial condition on the total compensation plan · �    How your plan will be communicated to leadership and employees Draw conclusions based upon Learning Activity Readings in eCampus, Martocchio (2014) and/or Milkovich, Newman and Gerhart (2014), personal experience, and data collected from organizations. Integrate and apply assigned readings,Stategic Compensation,  Martocchio (2014) and/orCompensation 8h Edition,  Milkovich, Newman and Gerhart (2014), throughout paper.Direct quotations should be avoided. Research should be summarized and synthesized using your own words; be certain to cite sources of knowledge. Compare your paper with Guide for Written Assignments attached to assignment. Format your paper consistent with APA 6th Edition guidelines. APA sample is attached to assignment.  .

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