Global Talent Choose a global organization you are familiar with or a global organization where you currently work.  Send a private message to the instructor by Day 2 with your choice of a global organization, and proceed with the assignment after you receive approval. Write a 1,750-word global organization talent plan using the organization’s website in which you: “� Define “soft skill.” “� Identify at least three soft skills the organization requires of employees in global roles. “� Explain how the organization sources candidates for global roles. If you cannot find specific information on this point, suggest some best practices it should consider in sourcing candidates. “� Evaluate the efficacy of the organization’s talent sourcing strategy for global positions or your choice of best practices in talent sourcing. “� Identify the factors the organization considers, or should consider, in determining the optimal mix of home and host country nationals in one of the organization’s host country venues. Cite a minimum of 2 scholarly sources.

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