CheckPoint: Differentiating Between Public and Private Organizations Resources: Ch. 1 (pp. 12, 14, and 15) & 7 of Human Services in Contemporary America and Appendix G Due Date: Day 3 [Individual forum] Describe a social policy that may affect your future position as a human services worker. Compare and contrast how a public versus a private organization might address this policy differently. Include an explanation of how the delivery system of a public organization would be different than that of a private organization. For example, what would be some differences between a state-funded child placement agency and a private adoption agency in regard to how they deliver their adoption services? Consider how you could influence this policy to meet your clients’ needs. If you work for a government organization, you may not be able to lobby, but what other ways could you advocate for your client population? Respond in 200 to 300 words.

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