Discussion Question 1 Americans have different opinions when it comes to quality of life issues. There are several American values listed on p. 340 in Ch. 9 of the text. Although the text presents this as a group activity, complete the assignment individually, focusing only on Step 3. You will compare your answers with your classmates as part of the discussion question. Due Date: Day 2 [Main forum] Complete Step 3 of the Ranking American Values exercise on p. 340 in Ch. 9 of the text. Post your response to the following: Explain your rankings. How do you think your rankings compare to the average American’s? Who decides which values are American values? What impact do these values have on the delivery of human services?     Discussion Question 2 Ch. 5 of the text discusses how the law can override the values of a professional code of ethics for a particular human service profession. Human service organizations are also faced with making economic decisions and policies that may come in conflict with their codes of ethics. Due Date: Day 4 [Main forum] Analyzethe scenario provided in Appendix F. Post your response to the following: As the case manager, what ethical issues do you encounter in this situation? How can you advocate for your clients’ needs while supporting the dialysis center’s new policy? Under what circumstances would it be appropriate or necessary for a human service organization to make an economic decision that may contradict its code of ethics?

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