Submit in individual forum. Use the Internet to select two resort hotels or two bed and breakfast hotels. One must be a national brand chain and the other an independent company. Review the Web sites of the two hotels you selected and compare rates, photos used for their site, amenities, golf or spa packages offered, and room availability. Write a 350- to 700-word paper that addresses the following questions: What are the two resort hotels or two bed and breakfast hotels you selected? Which of the two hotels do you think connects to the customer the best? Why? How has technology made the hotel’s information easy to find? How do you think technology has made the hotel’s reservation process smoother? How could either of the hotels use technology to improve their customer service? How can the hotel use technology to improve advertising? Did either of the hotels use technology in a unique way? Has technology been used to advertise one hotel over another? If yes, explain. Which hotel do you think uses technology the most to gain competitive advantage?

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