Resources: Ch. 6, the Yield formula on p. 172 (Ch. 6), and Scenarios 1, 2, & 3 on p. 179 (Ch. 6) of Hotel Front Office Management Begin this assignment by answering the following question: How is yield management, or revenue management, used in the hotel industry? Complete the following three scenarios on p. 179 of the text. For Scenario 1, use the formula provided on p. 172 of the text. Show your work in a Microsoft® Word document. For Scenario 2, design your plan in 200 to 300 words. For Scenario 3, defend your decision in 200 to 300 words. Conclude your assignment with your thoughts on the use of yield or revenue management in the hotel industry. Structure your assignment similar to the following: Introduction Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3

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