Human Physiology Case study . The purpose of this case study is to increase an awareness of an endocrine condition of your choice and apply this increased knowledge to an aspect of your future career choice. Methods. ������� Choose an endocrine disease.((( Obesity ))) ������� Go to and identify two articles in the literature that address your topic. One must be basic science (cells, rodents, non-human primates, etc.) and one must be clinical research (i.e. humans). ������� Then, you will construct a two-page (no more!) single-spaced Arial 12-point summary of the information you acquired and assimilated. Only your name needs to be at the top of the page. Structure. ������� This paper should follow three distinct sections. o Section 1 �������� Introduction. In this section, you should identify the disease, describe the incidence (penetrance as well if it is genetic), clinical signs and symptoms, potential outcomes, and health and economic burden. From there, discuss the clinical management of the disease. Finally, discuss some �������unanswered questions�������� related to the prevention, management, and/or treatment of the disease. This leads into the next two sections. o Section 2 �������� Paper #1 (basic or clinical). This should be a summary of the paper. What was the purpose of the study (link it back to your original questions)? What were the methods? What were the primary findings? How do they address your questions and the hypotheses of the paper? What was concluded from the study? What are the next steps? o Section 3 �������� Paper #2. This section should follow logically from the previous section (i.e. next steps). It does not matter the order of the papers (basic vs. clinical or clinical vs. basic). However, they should logically flow from one to another. In other words, whatever is discussed here should support the previous sections. o The last paragraph must be a summary of the entire document. Again you must stay within the 2-page limit (no, not one word on page 3!) o Don��������t label each section exactly as I have it. Headers are not required. ������� References are a must (page 3). In-text citations are a must. There is no limit to the number of references you use. Unless most of the information is common knowledge, at least five is recommended. ****This is the format you are to use for all case study write-ups in In-text citations.