Humanities, Impact of Political Systems on a Country’s Development

After completing the readings for this week, write a 4-6- page paper that answers the following questions:

How does the type of political system/regime (democracy, authoritarianism, or hybrid) impact a country’s development?
What role do political institutions play in economic development?
Are political institutions, such as democracy and good governance, required to achieve economic growth? Or, is there more evidence that these institutions should only be promoted after a country has achieved a certain level of economic prosperity? Why?
Structure of the Paper
The structure of your paper should follow this basic outline:

Overview of how each political system/regime (democracy, authoritarianism, hybrid) impacts a country’s development
Discussion of how political institutions can influence development, including an evaluation of whether good political institutions promote economic growth, or vice versa, that economic growth promotes good political institutions. Should a developing country pursue good political institutions or economic growth first? Why?
Conclusion which summarizes the main points of your paper.
Note: At least 2-3 reference sources are required in addition to the assigned reading.

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