How does Robespierre allow and justify terror under the government of revolution? Do you agree with him? Are there modern examples of the same mindset?

Essay Rubric:

General:Grades will be based on completeness of your essay, compliance with formal requirements (title, spelling, grammar, length, works cited, quotes), as well as on unity and coherence of your narration. Follow sound writing rules in composing your essay. Think of an original, attractive and specific title. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence, give examples and quotations from original sources in support of your ideas, conclude your essay with a paragraph that pulls the main arguments together.
Font:Use a number 12, Times New Roman font, single space.
Length:500 words minimum, excluding Works Cited & Title Block (information that precedes your work). It’s okay if the essay is longer than 500 words.
Grammar & Spelling: Check for grammar and spelling errors – I usually find a few of those. Remember that correct sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization, proper names, etc., all count towards your grade. Proofreadyour work before sending.
Personal opinion:Don’t simply repeat or paraphrase what you read. I need your personal opinion on each topic discussed. Provide plenty of personal touch. Use phrases I think, I believe, in my opinion, etc. Establish connections with the world today and your personal experience. Try to come up with new observations and insights.
Quotes:Your argument should be supported by accurate and relevant quotes, but without excessive quotations (3 to 5 quotes are usually enough). Quotation marks – use them every time you quote. Write source and page # from your Works Cited list in parentheses at the end of each quote, e.g. (2, 420). Where 2 is the # of the source under your list of Works Cited and 420 is the page # of the quote in that source. No page # necessary if Website. Remember: no quotes – no ‘A.’
Works Cited:Research is a must. Use Internet for at least one additional source to our text. Quote from at least two sources, including our text. Document and number all your sources at the end of paper under Works Cited heading.

Materials needed: I will give you the needed page numbers for the book needed.

Please follow all directions.

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