Individual Assurance of Learning Exercise 2
Complete Assurance of Learning Exercise 5C. (Note: In addition to the resources listed in Step 1, you may use additional resources that may benefit you in this exercise.)
In performing strategic-management case analysis, you can find information about the respective company’s actual and planned strategies. Comparing “what is planned” versus “what you recommend” is and IMPORTANT part of case analysis. Do not recommend what the firm actually plans, unles in-depth analysis of the situation reveals those strategies to be best among all feasible alternatives. This exercise gives you experience conducting library and Internet research to determine what Hershey is doing in 2015-16 and should do in 2017.


Step 1 Go to the website and click on Newsroom. Read through the most recent 10 press releases.

Step 2 Determine two strategies that Hershey is actually pursuing. Give some pros and cons of those two new Hershey strategies.

2.Place the results of the exercise(s) in a single document. Be sure that the assignment is in a business-professional format; include current APA citing and referencing.

Please use this template when preparing your response to the Individual Assurance of Learning Exercise 2 (IALE2). The IALE2 template includes tips and resources to assist you in completing this assignment.


When completing the IALE2, remember to (1) name the type of strategy and (2) describe the pros and cons for that type of strategy. Then, cite your sources. There should be several different sources for each strategy. The Hershey press release will be an appropriate citation for the description of the type of strategy. The textbook may be an appropriate citation for the pros and cons. Remember that each press release is a source and has an unique citation because the date, title, and URL are unique for each press release.

Individual Assurance of Learning Exercise 2 Grading Rubric



Points Possible

Points Earned

Subsection 1: Exercise 5C, Steps 1���2 ��� Content

0 to 100 points

Provides appropriate, thoughtful, and in-depth critique and analysis.


Subsection 1: Exercise 5C, Steps 1���2 ��� Professionalism

0 to 6.25 points

Submission is presented in a professional manner and addresses the specific question(s) posed.


Subsection 1: Exercise 5C, Steps 1���2 ��� Format and Grammar

0 to 18.75 points

Proper grammar, spelling, and current APA (when appropriate) are used.




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