Individual Project (30%):
The final 13 – 16 page paper (double-spaced, 11 font) will give students the chance to more closely examine an innovation topic from the course. The final paper may take one of two forms anddo not be afraid to be innovative:
i) Case Study
��� Illustrate how experiences in a company relates to one or more of the innovation topics, or alternatively do something innovative and report on it
��� Company background information can come from personal experience or public
��� Think about important facts, events, people, decisions, and turning points in the case
��� Key evaluation criteria for the case study will be how well you focus on and apply the course material.
ii) Critical Essay
��� Write an analytical assessment of a related innovation topic
��� Think about exceptions to the rule, competing hypotheses, and generalization of ideas
��� Key evaluation criteria for critical essay is a unique perspective on managing innovation

A one page proposal outlining your topic, form of report you have chosen, methodology, and some preliminary research choices are due in class by Feb 20