follow the rubric guide and then you will know what you have to write. you are going to fill the IFSP form for the same child that you did the family interview in the last order. so you will spread the same information in the interview out in the IFSP form based on all assigned section. and you have sample that you can look at it and get the idea. that sit!

Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)
Child s Date of Birth:
Service Coordinator/Provider:
Family Participation Enhancement
1. IFSP Meeting Agenda
a. Introductions and socializing time
b. Summarize _______ s eligibility for early intervention services
c. Establish or update ________ and h__ family s strengths, resources, priorities and concerns
d. Document ________ s current functioning/levels of development, listing what ___ can do and what is emerging
e. Determine the team decision for ________ s current Child Outcomes Summary
f. Ask ________ s family to rate their concerns, establishing their priorities for _______ and their family
g. Write Functional Outcome(s) in family s priority order, including the following
i. What does the family want and why, written with in order to language
ii. Activities and strategies to be used to achieve the outcome or links for the family to additional services
iii. Which Early Intervention people will be involved
iv. Resources available and resources needed
v. Evaluation plan for the outcome
vi. Establish if services to be delivered in a natural environment
h. Determine the amount of services to be provided and by which Early Intervention provider(s)
i. Summarize the outcomes, services provided and who is providing the services
j. Parent signs for implementation and distribution authorization
k. Complete meeting participants/contributors list with sign in of all present
l. Close the meeting
Current status of functioning/levels of development
1. Family strengths, resources, priorities, and concerns related to enhancing the overall development of their child. Review the routines and daily activities discussed during the intake interview.
2. Overall Health and Medical Information (including a statement regarding hearing and vision status).
3. Adaptive development
4. Cognitive development
5. Communication development, including receptive and expressive communication
6. Motor development, including fine and gross motor
7. Social/Emotional development

Functional Outcomes

Functional Outcome #1 (Child)
Family Priority: We want