1.     Assignment: MS PowerPoint Exercise “� Due Day 7   · �    Complete the following tasks using Microsoft® PowerPoint®:   o    Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with at least six slides. o    Make the topic of the presentation on how a support desk can communicate effectively with customers. o    Create a master slide with a logo, footer, and font. o    Add notes to each slide. o    Insert a graphic or picture. o    Implement a background. o    Place a text box in the title slide with your name. o    Insert transitions for each slide. o    Adjust text alignment in the title slide so it is centered. o    Insert an organizational chart.   · �    Read the following scenarios:   You are working at a support desk for a company providing onsite and telephone support to customers with Microsoft® PowerPoint® questions. On this particular day, you are presented with the following three situations:   Situation 1: Susan, a pharmaceutical representative, must create a presentation about a new drug recently approved by the FDA. She wants to know the main functions of Microsoft® PowerPoint®. Susan’s gathered data includes graphs, videos, and statistics of the new drug.   Situation 2: The training department from a local electronics store provides presentations to newly hired employees about the company and its operations. There are four different presentations created by four different people. The training supervisor wants to unify all four presentations into one without manually manipulating each slide.   Situation 3: Tim, a college sophomore, is having trouble with a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation he e-mailed to himself from the library’s computer. When he executes the presentation, the slides change too fast, the font changes, and the audio from each transition does not match. Tim wants to know why this has happened and what can fix it.   · �    Write a 1-page response for each of the three situations. Include the following in each response:   o    Identify a general approach for facilitating the customer over the telephone. What are possible challenges in the given situation? What strategies would help you overcome the challenges?   o    If causes to the problem or question described by the customer are unclear in the situation, explain how you would further diagnose the problem or question.   o    Once the causes are identified, describe a step-by-step troubleshooting process to help the customer complete the task.   o    If the customer has problems understanding or following your instructions, briefly explain an alternative solution.

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