“� Resource: Appendix B “� Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum “� Modify the Inventory Program to include an Add button, a Delete button, and a Modify button on the GUI. These buttons should allow the user to perform the corresponding actions on the item name, the number of units in stock, and the price of each unit. An item added to the inventory should have an item number one more than the previous last item. “� Add a Save button to the GUI that saves the inventory to a C:datainventory.dat file. “� Use exception handling to create the directory and file if necessary. “� Add a search button to the GUI that allows the user to search for an item in the inventory by the product name. If the product is not found, the GUI should display an appropriate message. If the product is found, the GUI should display that product’s information in the GUI. “� Post as an attachment

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