As a leader, you will be required to address various situations within your organization. Select and analyze two of the scenarios provided. Prepare an email correspondence. The correspondence will need to have an appropriate subject, greeting and opening. It will need to address the issue, encourage, motivate, persuade, provide clarity, lay out expectations, or redirect behavior (whichever is appropriate to address issue thoroughly). Ensure it has an appropriate conclusion. Being that the scenarios lack details, use your imagination in developing the correspondences (include actions, plans, timelines, etc). Remember, you are the leader.


(1) Your company will be implementing new technology next year, which will require extensive training for your staff. Most of your staff members have been employed for more than 15 years. These individuals do not like the idea of implementing the technology and have already started complaining and even talking about resigning.

(2) Ronnie is constantly late to work. You also notice that he has been coming to work with an unprofessional appearance. Send him an email addressing the issue.

(3) You have been given an anonymous tip on two seperate occasions that a few of the employees have been making racially-charged comments in the office. Names of employees were not given.

(4) The department you manage is merging with another department. You are unsure who will be the manager after the merger; however, everyone will keep their job. In the past, there have been communication and collaboration issues between the employees of the two departments.

(5) Employees have been requesting new equipment for the past two years. Due to budget constraints, purchasing new equipment is not feasible. The equipment is adequate; however, employees have become apathetic towards their jobs because they feel their needs are overlooked.

Include which scenarios you are responding to, using the numbers (ex. Scenarios 2 & 4). Each scenario must be between 200-250 words (total 400-500 words).

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