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Do you believe organizational fear is more powerful that rational thought and decision making? Why or why not?
Have you, like the HR manager in Dyer’s story, ever observed a situation where hard data were overlooked because someone was afraid of the consequences? If so, what happened and what were the long-term results?
How can team leaders promote an environment of psychological safety?
You do not need to respond to each of these questions. These questions should only guide your thinking and help you jump into dialogue with your classmates. Just find something related to the discussion video that genuinely interests you and discuss it.

Incorporate APA-formatted citations and references from the course readings in your responses, as needed, to demonstrate your understanding of key concepts

See the APA-Formatted References tab of the Introduction module for a list of course references in APA format.

Post your initial response (250 words or more)
Make 5 additional replies to your peers or instructor (100 words or more)

use reference from below:

Chapter 5 (Edmondson, 2014)
How management teams can have a good fight (Eisenhardt, Kahwajy, & Bourgeois, 2013) in HBR’s 10 must reads on teams
How to build your creative confidence (Kelley, 2012)

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