LEG 500 Week 1 Discussion Questions Ethics, Corporate Governance, and Corporate Social Responsibility   LEG 500 Week 2 Discussion Question The Duty of Loyalty and Whistleblowing   LEG 500 Week 3 Discussion Questions Privacy and Technology in the Workplace   LEG 500 Week 4 Discussion Questions Diversity in the Workplace and Work-Life Balance   LEG 500 Week 5 Discussion Questions Health and Safety in the Workplace   LEG 500 Week 6 Discussion Questions Environmental Responsibility   LEG 500 Week 7 Discussion Questions Marketing, Technology, and the Law   LEG 500 Week 8 Discussion Questions Product Liability and Torts   LEG 500 Week 9 Discussion Questions Intellectual Property and Global Intellectual Property Rights   LEG 500 Week 10 Discussion Questions Sarbanes-Oxley Act   LEG 500 Week 11 Discussion Questions Course Wrap-Up”

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