Lifespan Human Development: Instructions for Term Paper

Please provide a 5-page essay on one of the discussion topics in the course. The paper must be double-spaced, in APA style, and must include a reference page, following the guidelines below.

1. Critical Analysis of Topic

Select one of your discussion posts to turn into your essay. Review the pages in HDEV that are relevant to your topic. Find at least two research papers from peer-reviewed journals that support, refute or elaborate on the textbook. These can be original research, meta-analyses, or scholarly reviews of the topic. Summarize what you learned from the textbook and your research papers, assessing the reasonableness of the current scientific support for the theory or concept that Rathus provided in the textbook.

2. Provide response to discussion

Present your argument or response to the discussion forum using evidence and /or logical reasoning in support of your point of view. Identify some qualifications or objections or alternative points of view (consider other student’s reactions to your original post or other points of view expressed in the forum).

3. Information Literacy You must demonstrate your ability to find and use scholarly sources to support your claims. If you are not familiar with using the library to find scholarly sources, please use the Information Literacy tutorial on the course homepage before you start writing the paper. You must:

-Demonstrate basic research skills, identifying appropriate search terms that yield relevant research papers.

-Locate at least two scholarly sources, evaluate these research articles, and use the information to support your point of view or conclusions.

-Reference your sources appropriately, using APA style. Do not directly copy large segments of texts into your paper.

4. College-level writing skills: Your paper must contain few or no errors in spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and the flow of the essay. Make sure that you have someone who is a good writer review your paper before you submit it.

5. APA Style: Cite your scholarly sources both within the essay and in a reference section at the end using APA style. Refer to the NCC Library Information Literacy tutorial for assistance with APA style as needed.


While the Strange Situation method has been used very effectively to demonstrate the quality of mother-child attachment, it may not be appropriate for children who go to daycare frequently and are used to being separated from their parents. How else might you evaluate the quality of the attachment between a child and his or her caregiver(s)?