Major Assignment: Time Management/Clock Policy Memo

Scenario: All Safe Insurance Company has been issuing substantial overpayments in wages because employees have been dishonest about their time reporting. As a result, the company must create new policies for their employees.

Human Resources has drafted the below policy for using the time clock to log hours, which will be distributed to all employees and also included in the employee manual. The purpose of this memo is to describe management’s expectations for lawfully logging hours worked. Additionally, the memo addresses limitations to the number of hours allowed depending on employment status. As an employee with experience in technical writing, you have been asked to revise the memo before it is distributed to employees.

Your memo revision should reflect the principles of technical style, including editing for clarity, conciseness, and fluency, as well as finding the exact words and using the appropriate tone (see Chapter 11, Lannon & Gurak).

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