Management Case study, Each student is required to present an analysis of a case individually and/or with another person, depending on class size

a. Each student is required to present an analysis of a case individually and/or with another person, depending on class size. Presentation grades, even for teams, are calculated and recorded separately.

Students will present one case during the semester. The PowerPoint or equivalent presentation will include a SWOT of the company, an overview of the case, recommendations for the company, an analysis using the articles of how well the company is doing, and an update on what the company is doing now. Students are encouraged to use videos and images in their PowerPoint presentations. The presentations are approximately 30 minutes long.

Grading is based on the quality of the presentation, the information presented, and covering all aspects above. (See rubric for grading.)

b. In addition each student will individually write up the case.

A separate case write-up should be spiral bound with a cover sheet. The case write-ups are approximately fifteen to eighteen pages long including the cover memo, executive summary, table of contents, end notes and works cited page, but not including all source documents. The case write-up is due by the end of the week on the Monday after we discuss the case. Please turn in cases to the office CCB 305 or my office CCB 313 by 5:00 pm.

Each case write-up includes the following parts:
Spiral Bound (Pepperdine Print Shop near Rho Parking Lot can bind a case.)

Cover page
Cover memo (Single spaced, Insert behind the cover page. Do not bind. No page #)
(Note: the rest of the report is double spaced)
Executive summary (3 paragraphs.
-Paragraph 1 – note that this is a research paper based on a Harvard case student of xyz company, note all the sections of the report and that it includes strategice and managerial recommendations for improvement
-Paragraph two – highlight the report. Note some of the key findings or insights in the section.
-Paragraph 3 – summarize conclusions and reocmmendations about
the company and any future suggestions.
Table of Contents using Styles
Introduction/Overview of the write-up – (One paragraph introducing the case.)
Summary of the case (at least 2 pages, but no more than 3 pages)
SWOT analysis of the company or cluster (2 pages minimum)
Update on the case (2 pages minimum)
Analysis of the case using terms from the article/readings and explanation of key problems
in the case (2 pages minimum)
Recommendations (2 pages minimum, 3 to 4 concrete suggestions to improve, 2 must use
the articles assignmed.)
Citations ( Endnotes, Use word Footnotes and change to Endnotes. Use Chicago Tirabian,
See Library Website for Harvard Business School Style guide to Chicago Tirabian. Do not
use MLA nor APA “()” in page citations. Learn to use footnotes changed ot endnotes.)
Bibliography or Works Cited page (ten or more references expected in order of author’s last
name. If no author, use the name of the publication first, such as “Mintel.”)

When using terms in the reading, put them in italics. Frameworks and terminology from the text and readings should be used to structure your analysis and to demonstrate your mastery of the content matter.

Grading will be based on the following factors: 1) how well the analysis is written (clarity, grammer, syntax, punctuation, and flow); 2) quality of recommendations and logic used to support the recommendations; 3) mastery of course content and relevant frameworks as demonstrated by the use of terms; 4) research based on both endnotes and a works cited page; and 5) summary description of the case, 5) summary of the case, and 6) correct use of formatting as assigned.) Grades are a percentage of the total of these six items that are equally weighted. If students exceed expectations, then a seventh item is added into the grade. (See rubric.)

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