Manager’s role in sustaining success

PAPER (1000 words) + PRESENTATION (10 Slides)

I am asked to prepare a statement (a paper) presenting a reflective position on my experience of the manager’s role and some researchable issues around that role, or on general management, in light of some preliminary reading (see attached). This is an initial task in bringing together the practice of management with academic consideration of the practice. Together with the written paper, I am required to present a summary (10 slides) in class during the seminar. The paper is to be at approx. 1000 word summary.

The paper shall be in APA Style format (sixth Edition) with a full bibliography or reference list be included. A “Reference List” must include all sources cited in the paper.

Some resources made available and uploaded in the Assignment Order, which are to be used together with any other resources suggested by the writer.