PowerPoint Slides Grading Rubric
You must use 2 sources for your research -one primary, one secondary

Use quality information on your slides. ��

Create 10 PowerPoint slides

Use the same background for all slides -Dark background use light print- light background use dark print

List your 2 sources on last slide in MLA format. �� This slide is not counted as a content slide.

Use quality content, offer specific example

Do not use Wikipedia or a blog as a source

Use same background template for all slides

Each slide needs a single line title

Use correct grammar and spelling

Dark background use light font color- light background use dark font color

Content in your slide matters- not slide glitz

No more than 5 lines per slide

No more than 5 words per bullet point

No sentences on slides

Also write 2-3 detail notes on bottom of each slide under notes section.