MGT 325 Quiz 2     1. �    Which is correct regarding value-of-service pricing?   2. �    The requirements for a truck driver’s license are defined by: � �    3. �    What do the users of truck service benefit from?   4. �    What type of trailer can be hooked together in twos and threes?   5. �    What is one of the service characteristics of the trucking industry?   6. �    Turning back to figure 4.1 which of the following is not a simplifying assumption?   7. �    What is one of the primary reasons for the growth of trucking after World War II? � �  8. �    All carriers receive a safety fitness rating. Who makes the inspection and determines the rating?   9. �    Value of service pricing is based on the concept which states:   10. �  What is the status of competition within the motor carrier industry?

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