MGT 325 Quiz 3     1. �    How many Class 1 rail companies are there?   2. �    Oil pipelines used for movement of products from storage areas and refineries to market-oriented tank farms are classified as which of the following?   3. �    During 2006, railroads carried what percentage of all intercity ton miles moved? 4. �    Air freight transportation is attractive to shippers because of the lower packaging costs associated with the transport of cargo. Which air transportation characteristics allow reduced packaging by shippers?   5. �    What do the majority of rail movements involve?   6. �    Which best describes the domestic water carrier industry? � �  7. �    Intramodel competition is:   8. �    Which of the following commodities would be most likely to be shipped on an air carrier?   9. �    What is the major cost element of the railroad? �     10. �  What is the difference between TOFC and COFC service?

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