Research the Following Topic o Records Disposition .
Option B ? Research Paper
For this project, you will research records disposition.
After researching your topic, write a 3-4 page report on your findings. Read through the following instructions in their entirety before beginning the project.
Preparation/Information Gathering

Records Disposition: As we have studied in class, most records eventually reach a time when they can be disposed of. In this disposition stage, there are many options for getting rid of the records. In your report you will describe:
? Why records disposition is needed
? A minimum of three methods of destroying paper records
? A minimum of two methods of destroying electronic records

Write Your Report

Now that you have chosen your topic and started your research, fill in the research gaps and start writing the paper. If you would like the instructor to review a draft, please send her the file as an email attachment by the end of the day on Monday, December 5. Review the example report in Blackboard to see how the report is to be formatted.
Important notes:
? A minimum of three sources must be used in your report.
? The report must use APA style for citing references. This includes both in-text citations and the references list at the end.
? Any time you use information in your report from a resource, you MUST cite it. This is true even if is not a direct quote. Using another person?s ideas without giving them credit is plagiarism and will result in a grade of zero (0) on this assignment.
? Proper business English grammar, capitalization, spelling, and punctuation must be used in the paper. Points will be deducted for grammar errors.
In your report, include the following:
Title page:
? Includes title of paper, your name, instructor name, and date.
? 1-2 paragraphs: Introduce and define the topic and explain why it is relevant to the topic of records management.
? Report on your research. Use examples to back up your ideas and provide further explanation of the topic. Be sure to cite the source any time you pull an idea from a resource ? even if it is not a direct quote.
? Based on the above gathered information, how is what you learned in your research like or unlike what you studied in this course? Provide examples. You need to describe a minimum of 2 examples to receive full credit.
Reference List:
? Assemble a References List as a separate page at the end of your report.
? Use APA style to list the references used in the report.
? Each reference listed in the References List must be used in an in-text citation in the report.
The final paper must follow these guidelines:
? Is to be more than three (3) but no more than four (4) typed pages (not including the title page or the references list)
? Double-spaced, indented paragraphs (only double space between paragraphs; do not add an extra blank line)
? Report explains all of the information described in the ?Choose a Topic? section above and includes a title page and reference list page.
? No more than 1.25 inch margins (top/bottom and left/right)
? No more than 12 point font size nor less than 10 point font
? Paper must be free of spelling and grammar errors
Grading Criteria:
? Part II (email) ? 10 points
? Introduction ? 5 points
? Body: Explains all information described in the ?Choose a Topic? section above. Total: 50 points
? Conclusion ? 5 points
? Reference List ? 5 points
? Proper paragraphing, grammar, spelling, and punctuation ? 20 points
? Format (according to directions described above) ? 10 points
? The report you submit through Blackboard will be filtered through a tool called SafeAssign to check for plagiarism. The SafeAssign score for your report must be 25% or less in order to be acceptable.
? There is a link in Blackboard where you can check your SafeAssign score before submitting the final report for grading. Click the link called Practice Submission ? Records Management Report and submit the file as usual. You will then be able to see your SafeAssign score.
? Based on the feedback from submitting the report through the practice link, if needed you can modify your report to improve your SafeAssign score.
? You may check your SafeAssign score through the practice assignment link unlimited times.

See grading rubric on next page.


Points Possible Points Earned
Preparation Email
Name of topic, list of three resources, draft outline of report 10
Parts of the Report
Introduction 5
Body ? Explains all information described in the ?Choose a Topic? section 45
Conclusion ? Comparisons 5
Reference list 5
Paragraphing, grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization 20
Title page with title, student, instructor, date 4
3 to 4 pages 1
DS, indented paragraphs 2
Up to 1.25? margins 2
10-12 point font 1

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