MTH 208 Week 2 Quiz   1. Solve 6x+9=8 2. A clothing store offers a 10% discount on all purchases. What is the discount in dollars (before tax) for an item originally costing $ 16.00 dollars?   3. Select the expression that is equivalent to -7(x-3) 4. A taxi company charges passengers $2.40 for the first mile and $1.20 per mile for each additional mile .How much would the bill is for a 15 mile trip? 5. A team needs to save up at least $400 for new uniforms and currently has $210. They decide to hold a fundraiser where they can earn $7 in profits for each item sold. What inequality could be solved to determine the minimum number, n, of items to be sold? 6. The temperate on a summer day is 77° Fahrenheit. The formula to convert temperature to ° Celsius: °C = 5/9 (°F – 32°).what is the corresponding temperature in degrees Celsius 7. A family travels at an average rate of 41 miles per hour for a given road trip. How long will it take them to reach their destination 246 miles away? 8. Solve 1/3(5x-9) =7 � � � � � � � � � � �   9. Solve the inequality -1/7x-4 >-3 10. Solve the inequality 0.2(0.1x+0.5) <=-0.4 11. In the equation y=4x, if the value x is increased by 2, what is the effect on the value of y? 12. An airplane climbs at a rate of 66.8 feet per minute. It descends at twice the rate that it climbs. Assuming it descends at a constant rate, how many feet will the airplane descend in 30 minutes? 13. Which of the following equations has the same solution as the equation 2x +6=32

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