Nurse Practitioner Personal Essay

Three Questions to be answered in the admission personal essay as it is an important part of the secondary screening of candidates for admission to the Ontario Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner(PHCNP) Program. It is suggested to include example of my personal experience within the response.( I will be providing you with examples at the time you start writing). Answers that are overly brief and very general will not be highly scored. The personal essay submission contributes strongly toward determining whether I will be selected for admission to the Ontario PHCNP Program.
1. What is your motivation for wanting to become a PHCNP?
2a. What professional and personal attributes from your work and or academic background do you bring to the PHCNP Program?
2b. How are these attributes relevant to your future role as a PHCNP in the health care delivery system?
3. Describe your understanding of primary health care. How are Nurse Practitioners important in delivery of primary health care to diverse populations?
Essay must not exceed 4 pages of double-spaced, 12-point font. Replies to each question need not be equal length.
-Number the answers to correspond to the questions.
-As I mentioned I will provide more information about my personal and job experience when you request that.