Nursing DRUG FOR ACUTE PAIN Case study

Howard is a 24 year-old male who presents to the clinic his wife for what he states is severe lower back pain. He states the pain is so bad that he rates it as a “50 out of 10.” He also tells you that due to a past medical history of an ulcer, he cannot take any medications “like Motrin.” He states that the pain is from a car accident in 2012, and that it flairs up and he needs pain medications. He also tells you that he has a high pain tolerance, and that when he gets pain meds he requires the higher doses.
Discussion 1
1 What would you do first prior to prescribing any medication?
2 What are the various schedules of medications for controlled substances?
3 Would you prescribe a long or short acting narcotic? Why or why not?
Discussion 2
1 What other non narcotic medication options can you offer to this patient?
2 What patient education is needed with them?
3 What would you do if the patient and his wife tell you that none of them work for him?
Scholarly References within the last 5 years

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