Third Speech Assignment: Persuasive Speech Involving a Problem‐Solution

For this assignment, you will not only inform your audience of an issue that poses a problem, but also advocate for a specific solution. Both the problem and the solution must be audience‐appropriate. Primarily, you must convince your audience of the problem and the reasonableness of your solution. That means that the solution must be seen as practical and actually helping to resolve the problem.

Keep in mind as well that this is the final speech of the class, and as such you are expected to demonstrate improvement from previous speeches as well as an applied knowledge of class concepts. In other words, the expectation is that you not only should be demonstrably more comfortable speaking to an audience, but that you should be a better public speaker. Your speech topic must be approved by the Instructor.

The additional minimum requirements of this speech are as follows:

• The speech cannot be longer than seven minutes.

• You must cite at least four different and appropriate sources in your speech. Wikipedia and the dictionary are not appropriate sources. All claims of fact and testimony must be cited appropriately.

• The speech must demonstrate clear and purposeful organization, and be delivered intelligibly.

• The speaker’s manner and body language should be appropriate for the occasion.

• An outline for the speech needs to be provided according to your Instructor’s specifications.

Your Instructor will provide you with additional information and assistance regarding this assignment at the appropriate time.

Remember that as an audience member, you will be assigned to complete two peer evaluations during this speaking round.

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