I need an essay answers for questions that professor gave us. The answers should be about 135-200 words( not less than 140 and not more than 200).
The book for my class is “Ethical Argument” critical thinking second addition by Hugh Mercer Curtler.
The essay answers should be written in my own words but according to the book material. Quotes from the book can be used by putting the page number of the book to ()


1. What parallels does Curtler draw between ethics and history?

2. How does bias affect our approach to ethics? Is this different
than how it affects our approach to morality?

3. Does Curtler think it is possible to eliminate or reduce bias in
ethics? Why or why not?

4. What does Curtler mean by “cross-cultural judgment”?

Chapter 2
5. What does Curtler mean (following Aristotle) by

6. What is the role of the human community in human

7. What are Curtler’s three framework principles? What does
he mean by each of them?

8. What is the ethical perspective, according to Curtler, and
what are its three features? Explain each of them.

9 What is the difference between being ethical and being

Chapter 3
10. What do we mean by “argument” in a philosophy/ethics
class? What do arguments try to do?

11. What is the difference between argument and
rhetoric/persuasion, for the purposes of doing ethics?

12. What are the basic parts of an argument?

13. What are deductive arguments (i.e. argument chains of
strict entailment)? Inductive arguments (i.e. argument chains
of probability)? How do we evaluate these arguments?

. 14 What are informal fallacies? Identify and define them.
Provide examples.

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