Planning and Scheduling Real-world Situations Case Study

Complete the mathematical steps for the case study below. Clearly label your diagrams and tables, show all mathematical calculations, and write a paragraph of explanation to answer the last question. This may be hand-written or typed (WORD has capabilities to draw diagrams). To turn in hand-written assignments, you should scan the page and upload.

At a large toy store, scooters arrive unassembled in boxes. You and a co-worker are asked to assemble scooters. The following tasks must be performed:
Time (Minutes)
Task 1
Remove parts from the box
Task 2
Attach wheels to the footboard
Task 2
Attach vertical housing to the footboard
Task 4
Attach handlebars to the vertical housing
Task 5
Put on reflector tape
Task 6
Attach bell to handlebars
Task 7
Attach decals
Task 8
Attach kickstand
Task 9
Attach safety instructions to handlebars

Draw the order-requirement digraph.
Create a schedule for the job on two processors (humans) using the decreasing-time-list algorithm.
Determine the earliest time by which all these tasks can be completed.
Suppose you have to put together 10 scooters in a day’s shift of 8 hours. Will this be possible? Explain why or why not.

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