Project Management Programming Assignment, RFP Remarkable Gaming Company

Documents attached: task requirements/rubric/ppt to work on

Only do the following 8 slides:
1)Describe your company and why you are the best fit for building this e-Commerce platform.
2)Research into the gaming market and why selling online is a winning strategy.
3)A system diagram outlining the data flow between major system components. This should include:
* o Websites
* o Hardware/Databases/Cloud
* o All Reports
* o Integration to IMS, CRM, FS, CCS and HCM.
* o Financing using banks or other financing means
4)A high-level project plan showing the software development life cycle and when we would launch the new e-Commerce platform. This plan should be a month by month plan starting in January of 2019 until your projected end date of system completion, training and launch.
5)Describe how you will provide the financing program. How will you do this directly or through a bank.
6)What programming language and tools will you use to develop the software. Why did you choose these? Describe your systems development methodology.
7)What hardware or systems platforms will be required?
8)What database system will you use to store the data? Will it be on the cloud or on premise? What are the data storage requirements? What type of data will you be storing?

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