Your assignment is to write up a research report on the effects of emotion on ONE of the outcome variables measured. The measured variables will be provided to the writer in a document upload along with all other necessary information. Referencing APA only! The paper should be 2250 words long

In our seminar we collected data from the class divided into two groups who received positive or negative emotion elicitation and then completed three tasks that provided outcome measures of attention, memory and creativity. The complete dataset will be available on Moodle for you to download and analyse the data.

Your assignment is to write up a research report for the effects of emotion on ONE of the outcome variables measured.

To guide you:

Abstract: Summarises your research

Introduction: Literature review focusing on research relating to your two variables (predictor – emotions elicited and chosen outcome variable) finishing with your research rationale and hypothesis.

Method: Include subheadings of: Design, Participants, Procedure, Materials/Measures, Ethical Considerations.

Results: Comment on any test assumptions and treatment of data. Presentation of appropriate descriptive and inferential statistics. Interpretation of inferential statistics in relation to hypothesis.

Discussion: Evaluate: 1 your findings in relation to the literature you introduced in the introduction; other literature that may explain your results ant the methods you used (limitations of your research).

References: Reference list in APA style.

Word Length: 2500 words

Marking guidelines used[1]: General (1) and Research Report (2.3a)

[1] The latest version of the Psychology department marking guidelines and other policy documents referred to below are available from the general Psychology Moodle page (or by request in hard copy from the course tutor). Free choice students are automatically enrolled on this Moodle page in addition to the course page once the department has confirmed that they may take the course in question. If you cannot see the Psychology Moodle page on your list of Moodle courses please contact the departmental administrator.

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