Public Health Ethics Responsive Writing 2: Contagion.

watch Contagion It is available to rent via Amazon Prime for $3. I believe there is a DVD copy available in the media center of the AOK library
Discuss the ethical issues raised by the film Contagion. For each ethical issue, describe the tension that either exists between two values or principles or simply why, for you, it is a public health ethical issue. Reflect back to your readings from the textbook about different values and tensions that can emerge. What did you think of the quarantining and isolation of the sick? What did you think about the role the “alternative” media played in hyping a “cure?” Was the scientific researcher right to test the vaccine on herself? Was Lawrence Fishburn’s character right to tell his girlfriend to get out of the city? How about marrying his girlfriend so she could get early access to the vaccine? What did you think about the ransom being paid with fake vaccine? Was that the right move to make politically to prevent future kidnappings? The CDC has said it is not a question of if, but when the next flu pandemic will hit. We thought H1N1 might be it a few years ago. What else do you think the public health system needs to do to prepare communities for this possibility?

Think of the very last scene in the film. It’s the scene prior to Day 1. Think about all the different steps that eventually led to a world wide pandemic. Who, if anyone, is to blame?

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