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Assignment Instruction

This assignment is a reflection about Representations of Older Women in the Media.
There is one picture and 2 specific questions below that you have to answer them through your reflection based on the picture.
Then answer these questions below in your reflection in 200-250 words

In the above advertisement, the sexualized and objectified image of an older woman’s body is juxtaposed with the text “the old bag you’ll actually love”. In the film entitled Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women, Jean Kilbourne (2010) laments the lack of representation of older women in the media? Rice (2013) also notes that women are socially identified with their bodies in western societies, and the ways in which women’s bodies are valued (or devalued) can impact her sense of self and body. Reflecting upon these ideas, examine the above advertisement for Kiesel camera bags and think about the following:

a) What are some of the messages in text and image of this advertisement regarding the value that western culture places on the bodies of older women?

b) Thinking back to week 4’s topic of sexual health and women’s changing bodies, how might messages like these impact the sexual health and self-esteem of older women?