Quantitative Paper


1. Title (5 points)
a. Does the title clearly and concisely describe the study?
b. Is the population/sample included in the title?

2. Abstract (5 points)
a. Is an abstract included in the article?
b. Does the abstract include a statement of the problem, purpose, and/or hypothesis?
c. Does the abstract briefly summarize the design, methodology, results, and conclusions?
d. Is the abstract adequate? Why or why not?

3. Confidence in the Findings (5 points)

a. What are the qualifications and reputation of the investigator/s?
b. What evidence is there in this report that they are qualified to conduct this study?
c. Is this article published in a referred journal?

4. Theoretical Framework/Conceptual Framework (10 points)
a. Is a theoretical or conceptual framework described? If not, does the absence detract from the significance of the research?
b. Does the research problem flow naturally from the conceptual framework?