Assessment No 3: Written assessment

The report is the part of course completion assessment, assigned in the course “Responsive Web design”.The purpose of the report is to evaluate a given website “” for Responsive Website principals, and give improvement recommendation for the website based on these evaluations.Google Chrome Device emulator is used for testing the page for RWD principals.

1.1 Structure of the Report

The report starts with introduction to the website including its purpose and content.The second section first highlights the prominent feature of the web page followed by the detailed illustration of RWD principles used in its design.The same section also highlights the positive and negative aspects of the RWD principles specific to this website. A detailed review on device emulator tools is given in section three.The last two sections gives recommendation based on findings in second section and conclusion.

1.2 Introduction of the Webpage

Responsive Web Design Assignment is the website of American bi-monthly magazine named “make”.It is published by the”MakerMedia”.The magazine consists of different projects based on the concept of Do it yourself(DIY) or Do it with others (DIWT).It consists of different types of projects related to computers, electronic, robots, metalworking and woodworking.It main target are people who enjoy making innovative things normally invoving cheap material already available at home.Its first issue appeared in January 2005.It is available in print version as well as IPad and web version to its subscribers.The web page allows for searching its content and include blogs, forums and videos related to its target projects.Most of the projects are step by steps projects with meaningful images(Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers, 2017).Subscribe user can login to view online magazine.The website main links consist of following items(Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers, 2017):

1.List consists of Devboard sub-link which includesboard designing tricks and techniques for connecting devices to the Internet of Things, automating data collection for science experiments, and controlling robots and other similar things.The skill builder sub link gives new skills for welding and mold melting etc.

  1. Projects: Provides sublinks to projects ideas related to technology, digital fabrication, craft and designdrones and vehicles.
  2. Guides: Different guides for 3d printer guide,boards guide, and drones guide.
  3. Maker Faire:The magazine organizer also launches different yearly events for such projects.The section gives sublinks to related articles.
  4. Shop: Projects lovers can shop for various products like books and magazine.

Following are some features pointed out as a good website features in (, 2017) are fulfilled by mentioned below:

  1. Appearance: All the products and services provided by the magazine are covered in the website.An appropriate color scheme is used which donot allows users to distract from the relevant content.Text is easily readable.Most of the text is blackon a white background, and other color combinations are also within an appropriate range.Fonts used are easy to read and between 10 to 12 point size.
  2. Content:All the content is relevant and informative.For example description of different projects under projects menu is given shortly in a manner to attract the interested readers.
  3. Functionality: Every component of the site is working quickly and correctly.There are no broken or poorly constructed components. The hyperlinks, site searching, registration forms (sign up, login) are working as expected.
  4. Website Usability: There is minimum scrolling on the first page. Links are created from main page for detailed material related to that particular topic of interest.Menus are placed at the top of the site for desktop view and for mobile devices at the top of the site, or above the fold on either side. There are only six menus as limited number of menu is one of the good principal design.Long descriptive links are provided in project menu.This is positive point because long, descriptive link text is favored by Search Engines.