Project description
The assignment is a Rhetorical Analysis essay in which you analyze an essay from my English book. The essay is already chosen and I will be attaching it to this website. Moreover, I will also be attaching the guideline or rules for the essay with specific instructions from my professor. Also, I am attaching an example essay that my professor thinks is a good guideline of what to be expected. It is extremely important that you incorporate Toulmin style paragraphs for every body paragraph. The sample essay is a great blueprint of what the essay should look like. I will leave it up to your best judgement when finding example of ethos, pathos and logos in the essay. FYI the essay from my book is titled “Do Guns Provide Safety? At what Cost.” Under the “Do Guns make Others Safe” portion of the essay, citation 14, “cases of domestic gun violence go beyond the actual event; as people who witness such tragedy exhibit higher levels of prolonged personal grief and dysfunction and higher suicidal risks than their peers,” is a good example of Pathos, which my professor pointed out to me. So you might want to use that example for pathos. Don’t worry about the works cited I can do that.

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