The new Federal Government of Canada in 1867 had been mainly focused on its priorities towards immigration policies. In 1869, the basic framework of the Canadian immigration policy was established by the Canadian government passing their initial Immigration Act (Makarenko, 2010). This Act in concept was an open door policy, allowing many migrants to enter Canada with minimal restrictions (Makarenko, 2010). However, during the First World War, greater restraints were enacted by the Federal Government on immigration to Canada and by 1919, a new Immigration Act was introduced (Makarenko, 2010). Due to the First World War, the Act provided the federal government with authority to exclude specific groups from immigrating to Canada, particularly those that went to war against Canada and Britain (Makarenko, 2010). The concern is Should Canada’s immigration policies be changed? In my opinion, in order to contemplate the best interest of the Canadian citizens and migrants, I think the immigration policies should be changed because of economic objectives, safekeeping of Canada’s Welfare system, and the social reputation of the country.



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