3 pages critical reflection, double spaced, Font Times Roman, Font size 12.

• A brief summary and integration or comparison of the major arguments of the readings in the module. This part should give a person who has never read the chapter/article a sense of what the readings are about. The key is to be concise and precise. You may start with identifying the central thesis and the author(s)’ stated purpose of the reading.
• Insights and reflections: Choose one or more important points from the readings that strike you as significant. They may be quotations – or not and reflect on how these points are significant to the author’s argument. Why did you select this and why is it meaningful to you?
• Persisting question: Think of one question that remains with you after the reflections above and reflect on how it relates to your understanding of incarceration and mental health.

Reflection Questions:
1. Critical analysis of imprisonment and disability
2. Histories of confinements (relocation/erasure/mass incarceration/colonialism) and how they still play a part in present incarceration
3. Conditions (racism/disabilities/mental health) in prisons
4. What are some of the methodological challenges for changing incarceration are handled?
5. What are some of the alternatives to confinement/incarceration? Why did you select these?

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