Sociology Research paper issue in food bank

Argumentative, No “dead tree” topic. -pls help me get an topic better from Canada’s food bank issue. I will upload the assignment sheet to you. Thanks~


•Provide your research questions & argument
•Create a map for paper
•Entice readers to continue reading

3.Literature Review (2-3pages)
•Create an organized pattern
•Summarize and synthesize
•Be thorough in citations

4.Discussion (2-3pages)
•Linking lit review to your own ideas
•Provide evidence for your argument

5.Conclusion (1page)
•Do not include new information here.
•Summarize the research.
•Restate the research argument in short form.
•Make a closing statement.


-Date stamping
-Vague referrals
-Long and run-on sentences
-Avoid lazy word beginnings
-Do not use rhetorical questions
-This is a SOCIOLOGY class
-Clear argument
-Don’t plagiarize!

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