Accounting Information Systems

Accounting Information Systems7-1CHAPTER 7 CONTROL AND ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUGGESTED ANSWERS TO DISCUSSION QUESTIONS7.1Answer the following questions about the audit of Springer’s Lumber & Supplya.What deficiencies existed in the internal environment at Springer’s?The "internal environment" refers to the tone or culture of a company and helps determine how risk consciousness employees are. It is the […]

Accounting Earnings management

Accounting Earnings managementSee attached topic. This is a group project. My involvement is1) to write a literature review of the topic2) to describe and analyse critically the empirical methods employed by researchers to detect earnings management.The literature review should covers( as a min ) the following areas:CEO incentivesBonus schemesManagers’ stock-based compensationDebtsPolitical costsimport reliefThe 20 sources […]