Applied Sciences-ERQ assessment and RCC

ERQ assessment and RCC Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment: Discuss the importance of exercise and fitness for different age groups. Apply health history assessment tools to determine risk factors and assess physical activity and exercise needs for various cohorts. Course Outcomes addressed in this Assignment: EF310-2: Discuss the exercise and fitness needs for clients […]

Applied Sciences-Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment: Describe the transtheoretical model and stages involved in healthy behavior change. Discuss the role of motivation in exercise adoption and adherence. Identify behavioral strategies for enhancing motivation and describe a variety of motivational strategies. Determine which motivational strategies are appropriate based on a client’s […]

Applied Sciences-Unit VI Project Inspection Checklist

Unit VI Project Inspection Checklist The Chamber of Commerce is planning an outreach event for all business owners in the area. The event, Being Good Neighbors, will focus on things that businesses and business owners can do to better serve their employees and the community. As a member of the Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement […]

Applied Sciences-Wk 6 Discussion Business Continuity

Wk 6 Discussion Business Continuity Image yourself as an owner of a disaster recovery planning and training company. You are attempting to secure a contract from Wash Disasters to train its disaster recovery team. In a sales pitch that is fully supported by academic and, industry sources develop your pitch, sell your company’s services to […]