Texas Government

1. Tell me about Texas becoming a State—issues and date
2. Tell me about Texas population growth in the 19th century through 1930 and current
3. Tell me what the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1965 do.
4. Tell me about Plessy V Ferguson
5. Tell me how are populists both liberal and conservative
6. Tell me what Motor Voter—1993— did and how did it compare to our traditional attitude on getting registered
7. Tell me about incentives cities or states might offer a company to relocate.
8. Tell me about several types of conservatives
9. Tell me about the poll tax—when, how much, how effective, why.
10. Tell me about Primary elections—open/closed, what they do
11. Tell me what it means to be a “right to work” state.
12. Tell me about the officials associated with running election
13. Tell me about how Truman and Eisenhower dealt with Tideland’s Oil.
14. Tell me what happens on the first Tuesday in March in even numbered years like 2020.
15. Tell me about Postcard registration—model
16. Tell me about the General election—elects
17. Tell me how libertarians are both liberal and conservativ
18. Tell me what liberals and libertarians have in common
19. Tell me what conservative and populists have in common.
20. Tell me what liberals believe
21. Tell me what we get from our parents in political socialization
22. Tell me what happened in 1874 in Palo Duro Canyon—
23. Tell me about “Cow’s Head”.
24. Tell me how do suburbs fit into our Republican story
25. Tell me about the Austin family duo, M. and SF.
26. Tell me about MSAs
27. Tell me about the severance tax
28. Tell me about our 3 Tribes
29. Tell me about the “big” dates associated with the Texas Revolution
30. The Map—there will be 5-8 locations to identify.