read Unit 25, Issue 5 The Truman Doctrine and Unit 26, Issue 8 National Security Council Memorandum Number 68.

Then, answer these questions:

1. How do these articles view the Communist/Soviet threat?
2. What is the tone of these articles? What do these documents advice the United States to do?

3. How might these policies/decisions actually increase international tensions?

Part II-Read this description of the Bush Doctrine, announced in September 2002 as the latest update to American foreign policy, following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. It is based on the idea that “deterrence,” used by the U.S. since the early Cold War era is obsolete, since terrorists are willing to die to carry out their attacks, thus making a threat of reprisal irrelevant:

Now discuss these questions:
1. Considering the sudden attacks of 9-11 and the willingness of today’s terrorists to carry out suicide missions, is the Bush Doctrine an “understandable” next step in the evolution of American foreign policy?

2. If terrorists are willing to die for their cause, would you agree that deterrence is obsolete? Would you agree? Why or why not?

3. Does such a response by the U.S. only lead to more violence?
Why or why not?

4. Where does American foreign policy go from here??

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