Trauma Patient, In Shock And In Decline, ER Physician Does Not Transfer Gladney v. Snneed, 724 So.2d 642 – LA (1999)

Above is the link to the case study page.

  1. Provide a brief summary of the case. 10
  2. Using the four conditions that need to be met for malpractice to be proven, explain how each case did or did not meet the following conditions:

–              The nurse has a duty to the patient

–              The duty must have been breached, the nurse steps outside scope of what a reasonably prudent nurse would do

–              The breach of duty must be the proximate (foreseeable) cause

–              Damages or injury to the patient must have occurred.    60

  1. Explain what the nurse could do differently to avoid a similar event occurring in the future. 10
  2. Explain your reaction to the case. Do you agree or disagree with the outcome? Why or why not? 10
  3. Choose a classmate whose choice of case study is different from yours. Read the discussion and post your position regarding the outcome of your classmate’s case. Explain why you agree or disagree. What would you have done if you were the nurse in the case? 10

Total Points        100

5.Briefly summarize the findings of the article. (i.e. What were the results? Did the authors find what was anticipated? If not, what were the differences?) (about 200 words; 10points)

6.Provide a general critique of the article. Was everything explained thoroughly? Was the article organized and easy to understand? Assumingwe wanted to replicate this study, what would you chose to change about the study? (about 200 words; 10points)

7.How will you apply what you have learned from this research article to your own life? What has this assignment taught you about being a consumer of psychological science? (about 100-150 words; 10points)

8.How would this article be listed on an APA reference page? (3 points) [tip:

9.What are twoways to cite this article in-text? (10 points)

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