Understanding the Time: 1619 – 1865

THIS IS NOT A PAPER rather a short discussion post, 250-350 words.
From 1619 to 1865, the institution of Slavery existed in the United States of America. Our timeline begins in 1619 to coincide with the arrival of the first documented group of slaves connected with the American Colonies (not the first Africans to arrive on this continent).
1. Conduct an internet search on the time period of 1619 – 1865. You will be looking for one significant date or event associated with this time period. Look for a relevant and reliable source, which might be either a primary or secondary source:
Primary Sources – the actual historical documents and records of the event.
Secondary Sources – from experts, journalists or researchers covering or interpreting the event.
2. Post the information on the date/event that you have found. Click the reply button below this message to make your post. Your post should include the following elements:
1. Explain why the date/event is important or significant.
2. Explain how the date/event contributes to our understanding of the time period and the experiences of African Americans living during that time.
3. Be sure to reference where the event takes place and how the geographical location relates to the significance of the event.
4. Include a link to your source. You can copy and paste the URL into your post
5. Title your post with the date and event.
I would like to work with the event/topic “compromise of 1850” typing that phrase in google will pull up plenty of websites and articles. Topic could be up for debate if you have an event in mind.